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About Alex Liao

I am a sculptor and designer. I've been sculpting since 1987. I love sculpting works with messages and details. As a freelance sculptor, I had made prototypes of cartoon characters for Disney, Warner Brothers, DC comics, Marvels... dolls, 3d figures, collectable figurines, statuaries, toys etc. And related mold making, drawing and 3D character modeling. In the past twenty some years, also having worked with different material industries that allowed me to learn the entire development and process in creating polyresin, porcelain, pewter, PVC rotation, plastic injection, TPR, silicone injection, PU foam rubber etc. And includes how to communicate with clients and manufacturers to quote, place order, molding, mass production till deliver. Hope to get to know more good people here!

Candle Jar Toppers – part 3 – Color Samples

These projects were created for a candle company, candle jar toppers were casting in polyresin attached with PU foam rubber as the jar stopper.  The designs were tried to create the sense of still life drawing.  Here are some color samples.

candle topper-1-1

candle topper-2-1 candle topper-3-1

candle topper-4-1

candle topper-5-1

candle topper-6-1

Sculpted by Alex