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Candle Jar Toppers – part 1

These projects were created for a candle company, candle jar toppers were casting in polyresin attached with PU foam rubber as the jar stopper.  The designs were tried to create the sense of still life drawing.

CCA Candle Jar Topper-January-1January

CCA Candle Jar Topper-February-1-3 February

CCA Candle Jar Topper-March-1 March

CCA Candle Jar Topper-April-1April

CCA Candle Jar Topper-May-1May

CCA Candle Jar Topper-Jun-1Jun

Sculpted by Alex


Welcome to Angelbeing Workshop!

Welcome to Angelbeing Workshop in the end of 2013!

As a beginning of my website, I’d like to welcome you for your visit.

Perhaps you may like what I have shared here. Mostly related to sculpture modeling, mold making, drawing, product design etc. Remember to leave a note, drop a line so I can visit your blog as well.

This year is not an excited year for many business includes mine. That’s what I would say I need “a new beginning” before year 2014. It has been almost 26 years since 1988 that I started freelance sculpting works in Irvine, California, the United States. I still love it dearly. Time and things had changed a lot, sculpting might consider a traditional job which compares with computerized and electronic world. 3D printing may soon take over related industries. I guess the difference between the machine and handmade is that I’m a human being, there are deflection and deviance when making sculpture. That deflection and deviance are susceptibility and sensation. Hopefully we won’t lose the last remaining value of human heart.


CCA Candle Jar Topper-October-1

CCA Candle Jar Topper-Harvest-1

Candle jar toppers, sculpted by Alex Liao